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Who We Are

Enterprising professionals with a flexible attitude and a long experience in corporate management.

Why Choosing Austria
  • 25% corporation tax rate for Limited Liability Companies (deductible costs)
  • No VAT anticipation for extra-CEE Imports
  • Rapid incorporation services
  • Modern and functional infrastructure
  • Double taxation agreements which provide for significant reductions or exemptions from the income tax
  • Tax exemption on the sale of shares
Qualified Professionals

We bring knowledge, skills and experience to the table.

Fair Prices

Flexibility towards our clients and their needs.

Our Location

Austria: an attractive place for tax-efficient international business

Years of Experience

...make us a trustworthy partner to rely on.

What We Do
Company Formation and Administration
D.A.I.GmbH is able to handle all the bureaucratic procedures necessary for the formation of a company. Starting with the registration in the Business Register, right through to the registration with the local Tax Office and, eventually, to the recording in the Trade Register.
Internationalization of Business
A moderate taxation, combined with strong incentives for the formation of new companies, makes Austria the best place to invest in. The statistics confirm it, with 39.738 new formations by the year 2015 (Source: WKO).
Admin&Logistics Assistance
The handling of all the trading operations through an efficient supporting staff is one of the many tasks we are able to perform on behalf of those clients who choose not to hire their own secretarial staff. At the same time, our team of professionals is able to find the perfect warehouse facility for your goods and to procure warehousing and transportation services.
Accounting&Tax Consulting
D.A.I. GmbH offers an overall accounting service, including preparation of financial statements, revenue declarations and tax returns.
Company Secretarial Services
Create and maintain the company's registers; handling of all the company correspondence;preparation of reminders and paperwork for the manager to approve. In a nutshell: we provide a company secretary by all accounts!
Legal Assistance
Through our in-house law departement we are able to offer you assistance for what concerns the drawing up of international contracts, the collection of international debts as well as the development of partnerships and joint ventures world-wide.
Banking Services
Our team is able to assist you with the formalities needed in order to open a bank account, both for private persons and companies. Our long-term relationship with the major banks around Europe makes it possible for us to ensure our clients a wide range of advantages when it comes to bank-related issues.
Assistance with the A.I.R.E. registration
D.A.I. GmbH is able to support your resettlement in Austria by helping you with the procedures related to the attainment of the residence permit and to the registration in your national Embassy in Austria.
Asset Management
D.A.I. is able to assist you in finding the best strategy for the management of your personal and real estate properties.
Real Estate Search
After understanding the real needs of our clients in terms of location and type of the desired property, we are able to perform the searching job and to provide legal advice on real estate related matters.

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.