Company Formation

Thanks to its privileged geographical position, Austria represents a highly profitable business location. As we all know, the strategic location between Western and Eastern Europe has always made of this country a bridge between the economic markets of these two regions.

A moderate taxation, combined with strong incentives for the formation of new companies, makes Austria the best place to invest in. The statistics confirm it, with 39.738 new formations by the year 2015 (Source: WKO).

Beside the organization and the processing of the preliminary documents, D.A.I. GmbH is able to handle all procedures necessary for the incorporation of your company : from its registration in the Austrian Business Register to the obtainment of the VAT Number.


Business Administration

Through multiple operative tools such as:

  • Legal Assistance: through our in-house law office, we are able to offer assistance for what concerns the drawing up of international contracts, the collection of international debts as well as the development of partnerships and joint ventures world wide.
  • Tax Consultancy: our network of tax advisors would be glad to give you any kind of enlightenment and practical information in the field of national and international tax law.
  • Secretarial Support: coordinating and running business operations through an efficient supporting staff is one of the many tasks we are able to handle on behalf of those one who can´t afford - or simply doesn´t wish - hiring their own secretarial personnel. Beside all that, we also guarantee an efficient protection of the company´s label.
  • Administrative&Logistics Assistance: the handling of all the trading operations through an efficient supporting staff is one of the many tasks we are able to perform on behalf of those clients who choose not to hire their own secretarial staff. At the same time, our team of professionals is able to find the perfect warehouse facility for your goods and to procure warehousing and transportation services.

Accounting Services

For companies that do not have an internal accounting department, D.A.I. GmbH offers general book-keeping services, preparation of financial statements, revenues declaration and tax return filing services.

A.I.R.E. Registration

D.A.I. GmbH is able to support your settlement in Austria by helping you with your residence permit and with the registration procedure in your national Embassy in Austria.
Our team is also able to manage on your behalf the procedures for the recognition of titles and licenses, obtained within the European Union.

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